Why does Ekuipd care about furniture so much?

Ekuipd is focused on providing a path to furniture ownership that's better for people and the planet. Shifting the path of ownership to a subscription-based model removes the burden of upfront cost and long-term commitment from the customer; it gives people the freedom to decide later and make changes seamlessly; and most critically, it helps keep more furniture for businesses and out of landfills.

How does Ekuipd work?

Join the Ekuipd community with a member or non-member subscription plan, then choose furniture online and get it delivered + assembled IRL in less than a week. Swap or return any items you don't want to the Ekuipd ecosystem, or convert all monthly payments toward buyout.

Does Ekuipd work with real estate agents and stagers?

We do! Our non-membership plan is a great option for commercial use. Note that we may need more time to deliver large orders. Ekuipd membership is not an option for staging or commercial purposes.

Does Ekuipd work with businesses and offices?

Reach out to our enterprise team at ken@ekuipd.com to learn more.

Delivery & Pickup

Where do you deliver?

We're currently servicing Klang Valley only.

Can I make changes to my order before delivery?

We accept most item changes up until 3 business days prior to delivery. Simply reply to your confirmation email with the changes you’d like to make and we’ll do our best to accommodate (item changes are subject to availability). Rescheduling or cancelling an order within three business days of your scheduled delivery will incur additional fees.

What's included in delivery?

Our team will fully unload and set up all your furniture items on delivery day! Some items will be arrive pre-assembled, while some larger items (like beds and sofas) will be assembled by our team upon arrival. They'll place the furniture in your apartment and clean up before they leave.

How quickly can I get my furniture?

We can typically deliver items in 4-7 business days. We always do our best to honor your preferred delivery date, which you can request during the checkout process.

What should I expect on delivery day?

Prior to delivery, we'll have coordinated and finalized all details that could affect our seamless delivery experience (insurance, elevators, general building access, arrival window, etc.) On the day of delivery our team will arrive, unload your furniture items, and assemble everything in your space. Then they'll clean up and be on their way, almost like magic.

Can I choose my delivery date and time?

You can pick your requested delivery date at checkout and we'll do our best to accommodate! At this time, we cannot guarantee a specific delivery time in advance. Two days prior to your delivery, we will share an estimated arrival window but in the event of traffic delays or route changes we do ask that you're fully available on your confirmed date of delivery.

Should I reserve my service elevator?

Yes! If your building has a service elevator, we ask that you reserve it for the delivery date and the arrival window confirmed by your Account Manager two days prior to delivery. If you have any questions about this process, please don't hesitate to ask!

Do you deliver to walk-ups?

We do deliver to walk-ups, however there are a few items in our inventory that can't be delivered without an elevator. Be sure to check the product description as you add items to your cart, and always let our know if you're in a walk-up prior to delivery.

What if something doesn't fit through the door?

Dimensions of all of our products can be found on their individual product pages. While our teams are pros at maneuvering large and heavy items to fit through tight spaces, we encourage you to measure your home for all items in your order. It’s also a good idea to measure the entryway to the apartment itself. If we arrive with an item that cannot fit into your home or doesn’t work in your space, there will be a restocking fee of 30% of total product price per item.

What if an item is out of stock?

You can get it delivered at a later date once it's back in stock (use your free trip or pay a flat MYR 250). We can also push your initial delivery date back until all the items you want are in stock.

Will Ekuipd get rid of my old furniture?

No, our team is not authorized to remove non-Ekuipd items from your apartment. We can definitely recommend some organizations for donating your items—just ask your account manager for resources.

How do I schedule a pickup and end my subscription?

To schedule a pickup date at the end of any subscription, reach out to your Account Manager directly or the team at hello@ekuipd.com. We ask for 2 weeks notice before your preferred pickup date.


Is the furniture on your site new?

Many of our items are brand new, but some may have been previously used by another Ekuipd subscriber. After each deployment, every Ekuipd item undergoes a quality check and extensive sanitation process before it arrives to be assembled in your home.

If I swap an item, will what I've paid toward one item go toward the new item?

No, the payments on one item won't roll over onto another item.

How does Ekuipd determine item damage and repair?

We ask that you care for your Ekuipd items like you would any other furniture. A little wear and tear is expected, but deep stains, chipped wood, ripped upholstery or any other noticeable damage (breaks, cracks, spills, etc.) may need to be repaired or the item itself may need to be replaced. Repair fees are determined on a case-by-case basis; replacement fees are equivalent to retail prices less what you've already paid in monthly installments. Email your account manager at ken@ekuipd.com with a description of the damage and a picture or video of the item if you have questions.


Is there a credit check?

To provide the best experience to our customers, we may run a soft credit check that does not affect your credit score. Soft inquiries (also known as "soft pulls") typically occur when a person or company checks your credit as part of a verification process. This may occur, for example, when a credit card issuer checks your credit to see if you qualify for certain credit card offers.

Do I need to sign a contract?

Prior to delivery, you’ll receive a lease detailing your subscription with Ekuipd. Please review and sign this document at your earliest convenience; we cannot complete a delivery unless the lease agreement has been signed. You'll also be asked to verify the condition of your items upon delivery with a signature.

When will my card be charged each month?

Your credit or debit card will be charged for the first month upon checkout. Your subscription starts on the day of delivery and you'll be charged monthly moving forward. For example, if you placed your order on the 1st, and we delivered on the 5th, "Month 1" charge will go through on the 1st (upon placing an order), and "Month 2" will be charged on the 5th of the next month (and each 5th day of the month thereafter). This ensures that you are not paying for furniture until you actually have the items in your home!

Where can I update my billing information?

If you need to update your credit or debit card information, you can email us at ken@ekuipd.com.

Do product prices include tax?

All Ekuipd pricing listed does not include tax. Sales tax is added to all item prices, trip fees, membership fees and early cancellation fees.